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Jacques Rautenbach, a well known South African musician has been making waves the past two years as newbie neo-classical composer and with support from fans throughout the US & Europe will soon be a name to remember. Jacques has released three albums and is almost ready to release the fourth which will again feature top South African musicians aswel as the legendary artist Coenie de Villiers.

Jacques has been privileged to work with a variety soloist, from top South African violinist(s) Evert van Niekerk & Lizelle Le Roux, the impeccable JPO first chair cellist Susan Mouton aswel as Israeli “Violin Like that” sensation Ariella Zeitlin.

The past year Jacques has been scoring music for Leesley Films in Nebraska, USA and recently received his second commission from Chicago based Director Charles A Mack to compose the full score for his second independent film (to be released in 2019) Jacques has also been composing for other solo performers such as Lizelle Le Roux (who also features on many of Jacques's compositions)

Jacques’s online presence and support has also dramatically grown with songs such as “The Dream Giver” receiving great support, currently on 26 626 views, and songs like Amsterdam Turmoil catching up with more than 20 000 views

Jacques Rautenbach’s music has steadily been infiltrating the market with the support of various radio stations in Netherlands, Romania, Uzbekistan, Australia and with eight South African stations ( including; Classic FM, Fine Music Radio & RSG) this newbie sensation is set to become a household name.

Jacques is currently completing his fourth album, “Dreamers Lullaby” A collection of acoustic baroque inspired music but he’s also busy composing a rock symphony “Etsla Llum” for stage production and recording.

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