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Death Becomes Me is a collection of ‘movie theme’ inspired songs written mostly for Violin, Cello and Piano but also has a strong brass & woodwinds undertone. There is definitely a variety of songs such as “Dark Soul” which has a strong rock feel (and features upcoming star Damian Jarrod Richards) “The Storm Inside” which is a dramatic ballad and “The Dream Giver” which is a soft emotional ballad sure to capture your imagination…

Most of the strings were done by legendary performers such as Lizelle Le Roux, Evert van Niekerk, Judith Klins and the wonderful Susan Mouton. There is also a collaboration “Negev Enhle” with top Israeli violinist Ariella Zeitlin that will blow your imagination wide open.

Some of the other performers include: Vinnie Henrico, Lizet Smit, Johan Rautenbach, Matthys Maree, Andrew Roman, Shannon LaBonte Armer, Johan Fereira, Polina Burdukova-Kemp, Megan Rautenbach, Ryan Hoffmann, Mariette Labuschagne and Jacques himself featuring on piano, drums and percussion.

“The inspiration for ‘Death Becomes Me’ comes from a darker place, a struggle between your inner self and the dire circumstances the human race finds itself in” The light is what you want it to be... Follow it…

At the end of the day, Death Becomes us all, and hopefully this music will make the journey more bearable...
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