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Shades of Blue Shades of my Soul Death Becomes Me Dreamers Lullaby


It’s been almost three years since the release of Jacques Rautenbach’s debut album Shades of Blue. The album delivered three radio singles listed in various countries including, Netherlands, Romania, Uzbekistan, South Africa and Australia, and with Death Becomes Me Jacques proved that he's here to stay. The album delivered singles like "The Dream Giver" & "Amsterdam Turmoil" on a variety of radio stations from Classic FM to Overvaal Stereo. Jacques Rautenbach recently featured on Fine Music Radio as composer/download of the week.


Jacques Rautenbach is currently (23 July 2019) Nr 1 on the Global Classical Music Chart on Reverbnation for the past +- 16 weeks. For more information please visit or click on the Reverbnation logo to visit


ALBUM REVIEW - Death Becomes Me

"I did not want to comment until I had finally listened to each track. I am one of those critics that are selective and highly irritating, you may say. However, Jacques Rautenbach and Blautöne Chamber Orchestra produced a truly remarkable Album that speaks volumes of sophisticated elegance and class. It takes one back to an era where fine music was carefully composed and arranged for acoustic instruments. Something very rare in a world where we are daily exposed to walking the tightrope of artificiality and sampled sounds.

The compositions are moving, haunting at times. Touching. Stirring. Satisfying. Never dull or boring! Something hardly found or heard in this business nowadays. How deeply I was touched. So beautifully performed with finesse, passion and of superb quality.

I regard Jacques Rautenbach as one of the greatest composers of our time. It will indeed be a sad day if this Maestro is not introduced to South Africans properly. Indeed a tragedy if not exposed abroad and heard on the stage of Theaters such as Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall and the Royal Albert Hall. Because this is where he belongs! Congratulations on a masterpiece! You are truly an inspiration and I am indeed proud to say, I Know Jacques Rautenbach! "

Andre van Eeden
Music Critic / Artist / Performer




Jacques recently released "Dreamers Lullaby" After the successful release of “Shades of my Soul” (the Unplugged (Quartet) versions of some of the Shades of Blue pieces) " I realised that the listeners appreciate ‘raw authentic’ beauty and that’s why I decided to release this album." It includes quartet versions of some of the "Death Becomes Me" compositions aswel as five new baroque inspired pieces “I think as a composer it’s been a challenge to write so many different genres, but that’s also what’s kept me sane, limiting myself to one thing is very tiring”


Tristán Kapp (Violinist & Supporter) Die musikaliteit is absoluut fenominaal, en dis so goed gekomponeer. Ek is mal oor die verskillende elemente wat saam gemeng word om 'n diep passie uit te beeld. Dis so kragtig, ek dink dit is fantasties!

Lisa (Youtube Fan) It's 3.42 am. Quite by chance, I came across your name and music. I just listened to "The Changes Within" on YouTube. It's such a beautiful, calm, peaceful night with a star-filled sky and somehow your music just seemed to resonate with the beauty of tonight. It has to be one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've heard in a long time. It will be one of my favorites forever. You touched my soul. Thank you so much.

Susan Mouton (JPO Cellist) This is very well written!

Coenie de Villiers (legendary artist / composer) Geluk met Amsterdam - ek dink dis incredible! Regtig next level stuff, en ek sê nie sommer net so nie. Dit kan enige plek op die aarde inhang… Well done!

Karen Kelly That was lovely, both the performance and the video. My fiancé died 10 days ago and this brought me peace for the first time. When I die, I plan to have our ashes sprinkled together in a forest.

Warren T Smith Beautiful. My heart is lighter now.Thank you.



For more information, bookings, media and collaborations contact or visit Jacques on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Text messages can be sent to +27 (0)82 517 7885





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