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Shades of Blue is a collection of Jacques Rautenbach's compositions. This instrumental / contemporary classical album offers something in a few genres. The album features some of the best musicians in SA, from Jaconell Mouton, Lizelle Le Roux, Denny Lalouette, Susan Mouton, Evert van Niekerk, Johan Rautenbach, Joshua Oosthuizen, Leon van Zweel to name a few…

The album features a variety of classical crossover melodies with some other genres creeping in here and there.

"As I’ve grown older I’ve come to realise that not every living creature is a colourful butterfly, but that every living creature is special and we all have beauty in us. I have experienced dark days in which you feel hopeless, worthless and simply not good enough, only to realise that as soon as you stop chasing the light, there’s only darkness...

So, even if you are that pathetic little moth you have the potential to be something spectacular, colourful and bold…  Thank you for believing in my dream, I hope this music will inspire you to be the best you can be, but more importantly to live in peace with who you are and how you were created. I wrote this music during 2015 / 16 period without the ability to play a single note of music, but God has blessed me with song and this is my gift to Him… Now you decide… What’s your Shade of Blue.



All music composed & scored by
Jacques Rautenbach
Production, Keyboards, Programming & Additional parts
Jacques Rautenbach
Piano: Jaconell Mouton | Annelize Pansegrouw | Jacques Rautenbach
Bass: Denny Lalouette | Riaan Hefer
Drums & Percussion: Jacques Rautenbach
Guitars: Johan Rautenbach | Joshua Oosthuizen
Saxophone: Leon van Zweel
Violin Solo’s: Lizelle Le Roux | Evert van Niekerk
Cello Solo’s: Susan Mouton
Blautone Quartet: Lizelle Le Roux, Susan Mouton, Evert van Niekerk, Judith Sklins
Recorded at
New Groove Studios
Mixed & Mastering: Jacques Rautenbach

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"Dankeschön, eine schöne Ruhige Musik und ein interessantes Video!"
Dagmar Scholz
Classical Musician Critic (Germany)





















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